ESHHS Early Career Award -REMINDER

The ESHHS is formally affiliated with the Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences (JHBS). Together with the JHBS, the ESHHS encourages early career researchers to submit their papers for the Early Career Award. The winning paper will, after additional review by the JHBS Editorial Board, be published in JHBS with a notice indicating that it is the winner of the ESHHS Early Career Award. The Publisher will provide an honorarium of US $500 to the award recipient.

Rules and procedure

·         Any researcher in the history of the human sciences who does not hold a tenured university position (or equivalent) is eligible to be considered for the Award.

·         Those wishing to be considered must be members of ESHHS at the time of submission (an appropriately completed Membership Form may accompany a submitted paper).

·         Candidates for the Award should submit to the Programme Committee a proposal for the Annual ESHHS Conference in the usual way, to arrive by the appropriate deadline.

·         Before December 31 of each year candidates should send by e-mail a copy of their full text to Anna Borgos, Secretary of the ESHHS, (please put “ESHHS ECA” in the subject line). This paper must meet the normal publishing guidelines of JHBS.

·         Candidates should indicate that they wish to be considered for the Early Career Award and provide a short CV to establish eligibility.

·         Submissions are accepted from both the current year and the previous year.

·         The Board will acknowledge receipt of applications and will confirm their eligibility.

·         By mid-March the Executive Board will announce the nominee for the award (provided there are submissions of appropriate standards).

·         The paper can be sent to JHBS any time after the announcement.

·         In any given year, in the absence of high quality submissions no award will be made.

·         If the paper is deemed acceptable by the editors of the Journal, it will be published and the honorarium will be awarded.