La psicología de Kant

Call for papers Estudos Kantianos (Kantian Studies), UNESP, Brazil

Special Issue: “Kant’s Psychology: On the Foundations of the science of self”

The journal Estudos Kantianos (Kantian Studies), hosted by UNESP, welcomes proposals of articles for publication on the subject-matter: “Kant’s Psychology: On the foundations of the science of self”, from March 30th till September 10th 2015, deadline for submitting texts. The accepted proposals will be published in the special issue scheduled for December 2015. The thematic scope includes the relationships of Kant with the long tradition of Rational and Empirical Psychology, from Antiquity to Modern Philosophy, as well as Kant’s original contribution and legacy with regard to the epistemological definition of psychology within the system of sciences, namely in relation to physics, ethics, and anthropology.


The material for submission should be attached [in “Word” format] to the electronic message, which authors will send exclusively to the address: <>, having as its “subject”: “Estudos Kantianos”.

It is requested that articles, reviews and translations do not exceed 30 pages, typed in “Times New Roman”, with 1.5 spacing, size 12 to the body of text, size 11 to quotations more than three lines long [which should be indented 4cm from left margin], and size 10 to footnotes.

The articles should have title, abstract, keywords and a brief bio about the author/s, in Portuguese and English, when written in one of these languages. For articles written in German, Spanish, French and Italian, those items should have a version in one of these languages and in English.

If within 5 days there would be no notification of receipt of the material sent, the sender should contact the journal editor at the following address: <>.

Every material submitted to the journal will be examined by at least two reviewers, to whom the author’s identity will not be revealed.

Estudos Kantianos publishes articles, reviews and translations only from PhD authors.