Wellcome University Award Application, UCL History Department

Expressions of Interest: Wellcome University Award Application, UCL History Department:

The UCL History Department intends to support an application for the Wellcome Trust’s University Award scheme in July 2017.  It seeks preliminary expressions of interest from prospective applicants by 12:00 Wednesday 15 March 2017.

The parameters and eligibility requirements for the Trust’s University Awards in the Humanities & Social Sciences Scheme are detailed here .  Prospective applicants should read these guidelines carefully before composing an expression of interest.

UCL History will consider expressions of interest in in any field of early modern or modern history of medicine (1500 to the present).  Persons submitting expressions of interest must meet the Wellcome Trust’s eligibility criteria and hold a PhD at the time of submitting their expression of interest.  Expressions of interest from eligible candidates will be reviewed in April 2017, and a small number of prospective candidates invited to UCL in May 2017 to discuss their proposed projects.  One candidate will be selected from this group to work with the Department on a full application to the Trust (to be submitted in July 2017).

Expressions of interest should be submitted by email to the Departmental Manager, Claire Morley (Claire.morley@ucl.ac.uk ) by the 15 March 2017 deadline.  Each submission should include:

  • A cover letter of not more than 2 sides of A-4 paper
  • A comprehensive c.v., including full information on educational degrees, research publications (including page numbers), employment, teaching experience, and any public engagement activities
  • A proposed programme of research for the initial 5 years of the Wellcome award, of no more than 2 sides of A-4 paper (11 point font minimum)
  • The names and contact details of 3 academic referees
  • An article/chapter-length writing sample (maximum 12,000 words)

Criteria for selection.  In selecting candidates for an invitation to UCL in May, the Department will assess:

  • Fit with the Wellcome Trust scheme goals and criteria
  • Quality of research completed by prospective applicants, including publications and research awards
  • Quality of proposed research programme
  • Willingness and ability to contribute to or lead academic activities, including public engagement and impact activities
  • Fit with UCL History research and teaching needs

For preliminary inquiries, contact Professor Margot Finn (m.finn@ucl.ac.uk).